Förbättra din svenska

Förbättra din svenska

Förbättra din svenska med hjälp av drama /musik /improvisation

Vill du träna ditt uttal? Behöver du handledning i hur du enkelt hittar de ord du behöver och hur du kan få bättre flyt i språket?

På den här kursen får du träna ditt svenska uttal och förbättra ditt språkliga flyt. Vi gör det genom många lustfyllda övningar i drama, musik, gestaltning och artikulation. Vi kommer att sjunga svenska sånger, läsa sagor och dikter för varandra, arbeta med sketcher och dramaövningar.  Vi tränar på betoning, taltempo, frasering och den svenska språkmelodin. Du kommer att få många praktiska verktyg som hjälper dig att känna ett ökat självförtroende när du talar svenska. Efter du har avslutat kursen, har ditt ordförråd förbättrats markant och du kan oftare hitta synonymer.

Mål för utbildningen
Stärka självförtroendet i språkinlärningen, träna vardaglig kommunikation, öka ordförrådet och förbättra intonationen.

Svenska på minst B1 nivå.

Anna och Roel undervisar under sommaren också på Uppsala International Summer Session (excellence in teaching Swedish since 1963). Klicka här för mer information om programmet!


“I met Anna and Roel for the first time in July 2022 when I participated in a language program in Uppsala, Sweden. They offered an afternoon course called “Förbättra din Svenska med hjälp av improvisation, Drama och sång”. But this course was so much more than just improving our language and pronunciation skills: in a way it was also about personal development.
It can be highly fascinating and demanding when people with various cultural backgrounds who do not know each other come together to sing and act as a group. Singing and acting lead to a strong activation of different emotions, something that – due to our interindividual experiences – can be quite upsetting or even painful and requires lots of sensitive intuition and tact on the part of the group leaders and Anna and Roel did that extremely well. Our “afternoon bubble” became a safe and very creative environment where we could try out ourselves, came in touch with varying Swedish songs, received voice coaching and even improvised and performed. And of course we had lots of fun together. Anna and Roel navigated us through this afternoon course in a very inspiring and unconventional way, always patient, always caring, always encouraging us to take a step out of our comfort zone. I learned so much in such a short time. I gained confidence in speaking Swedish and, even more, as a person. I really want to thank Anna and Roel for making this course such an unforgettable and wonderful experience.”
– Miriam, 22, Germany

“I participated in the the course “Förbättra din svenska med drama/improvisation och sång” during my studies at Uppsala International Summer Session (UISS) 2022. The course was so much fun, and it helped me improve my Swedish and be more comfortable speaking it. Anna and Roel are great teachers who are passionate about their work and compassionate towards their students. Their professionalism, patience, and enthusiasm made the course a memorable experience!” – Anmar Kamalaldin (Bahrain)

“We participated at their afternoon art class during the UISS (Uppsala International Summer Session). It has been a wonderful experience for us.
Anna and Roel are great artists.Their performances have always left us speechless. Beside that, they were taking the teaching really seriously. In less than three weeks they managed to make an entire class of international students perform Swedish songs.

We really appreciated their way of teaching. They were always creative, committed and organized. They also helped us a lot with our self esteem and expressing ourselves.

We managed to overcome our fear of performing in front of others.It is hard to teach a big class of international people, but they managed just fine. I can truly say that they managed to get us in touch with the artist inside.
Their dedication to teaching and their love for art makes them the perfect choice for everyone who wants to invest in art, especially in music and improvisation.”
– Mimi and Rafail Tase (Romanian)

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